Broccolini relies on Domenic’s expertise for the development and realization of the company’s biggest projects. As an advocate for the growth of Broccolini’s real estate and construction portfolio, Domenic identifies opportunities and develops strategies to influence confidence in the institutional, commercial, industrial and residential communities. Domenic takes leadership in managing, developing and executing requests for qualifications and requests for proposals. He also conducts research in environmental issues and makes recommendations on how to proceed. Domenic’s extensive experience is invaluable. He oversees the operations of the flagship projects for which Broccolini has become famous. He leverages his expertise to assign the best resources to given projects and to award mandates to internal and external allies, and he supports these project teams from conception through delivery. He ensures clients are engaged, designs are perfected, and schedules and budgets are maintained. Domenic has strong alliances with Broccolini’s trusted network of professionals, suppliers and subtrades, and he fosters beneficial relationships with government, utility and private entities. Domenic provides advice to the executive committee with regards to changes in policies and industry advancements. Domenic is often called upon to make difficult decisions—to question accepted conventions in the interest of guaranteeing project delivery. He challenges his team to exceed the client’s expectations—as he did in 2007 when the Broccolini team ensured TELUS House received LEED Gold certification, instead of the Silver designation that the client originally specified. As a long-time veteran of the Broccolini Way, Domenic welcomes the opportunity to mentor others.

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