Riccardo Arena


“I am motivated by everything that revolves around construction, from the first sketches to the realization of the project” states Riccardo Arena, the VP of Construction at Broccolini. Riccardo has extensive background in the industry with more than 30 years of experience overseeing construction teams and building all types of large-scale projects. Riccardo led the “MUHC” project, one of the largest construction sites ever in Canada. “I like seeing the results of my work take shape before my eyes from week to week. It’s very motivating!” he says. Riccardo oversees project managers and project coordinators, and their respective teams, in their effort to achieve their mandates. Riccardo is recognized as an effective coach and mentor. “I am attentive to people. I listen, I think, and then I advise. I try to understand what motivates people. Find out the real cause of the problem.” This approach allows him to better understand people and to find viable solutions to challenges as they arise. Riccardo describes himself as a man of his word. He does everything to deliver projects on time while also ensuring quality and focusing on the budget. In this sense, he is meticulous and demanding of the project teams, and of himself. He promotes collaboration between different project stakeholders and seeks “win - win” solutions. “I like challenges, new projects. Routine is not for me!” says Riccardo. Riccardo’s reputation precedes him and Broccolini is fortunate to count him as an integral member of their team. Thanks to his undeniable expertise, Riccardo will contribute to the vision and growth of the company moving forward.

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