Amazon Belleville YGK-1

YGK-1 is an XLFC (Extra Large Fulfillment Centre) project located on a 102 acre site just south of the 401 in Belleville, Ontario. When finished, the building will stand at approximately 45ft tall, with a 19,820 sq.ft. office and 1,030,027 sq.ft. warehouse. It will also have 509 parking spaces for passenger vehicles, 96 van and box truck parking spaces and 303 trailer parking spaces. The facility features 106 overhead doors including dock equipment and 2 drive in/drive out doors. This facility will be fitted out with a full racking system once completed. The work also includes the construction of 1km of new road to access this facility. Construction started in Q3 of 2022 and project completion is expected in Q3 of 2023. Broccolini is acting as Developer, Builder and Landlord of this facility.

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640 College Street East, Belleville, Ontario

Completion Date:


Building Area:

1,050,000 sq.ft.