Amazon Coteau-du-Lac YUL-9

Design work for the project in Coteau-du-Lac started in August 2020 and, following a very rapid pre-construction and development process, Broccolini broke ground for construction in mid-September 2020. The 520,000-sq.ft. “Middle Mile Sortation Centre” is currently being built on land owned by Broccolini. Amazon will become the tenant upon project completion in Q4 2021. The first of its kind in Québec, this will be a facility where employees sort packages by postal code. The packages will then be transferred to traditional carrier partner networks or to Amazon’s own delivery station network.

This building will be a hub for heavy truck traffic and, consequently, will feature 124 loading docks and parking for 283 trailers. Standing at a maximum height of 50’-2”, this facility has been designed to accommodate a future mezzanine should Amazon require it, with tentative plans to use sortation robots in concert with human personnel for higher efficiency.

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Rue Leon-Malouin, Coteau-du-Lac, Quebec

Building Area:

515,000 sq.ft.