Loyola High School

Broccolini was honoured to have been able to complete renovations to the gymnasium and fitness facilities at Loyola High School, the alma mater of many of Broccolini’s own team. The space underwent significant upgrades aimed at improving both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Foremost among these enhancements was the installation of new wood gym flooring, proudly displaying the school's colors and logo, closely followed by the addition of a gym divider featuring the same customized design. An important improvement was the introduction of windows, ushering in natural light for the first time and fundamentally altering the atmosphere within the gym.

In line with the commitment to inclusivity, the project included the incorporation of multiple barrier-free change rooms and washrooms, ensuring accessibility for all. A modern touch was added with the inclusion of a new sound system, complete with Bluetooth connectivity, catering to the needs of physical education activities and events.

Expanding the utility of the space, six team rooms complete with 104 player stalls were constructed, providing ample space totaling 2,100 square feet, alongside a new exterior entrance to facilitate easier access. Additionally, facilities such as a laundry room, physio room, janitor room, and storage depots were added, enhancing functionality and organization.

During the renovation process, several fun discoveries were made, including a accumulation of misplaced balls found in the ceiling. Notable among these were 15 volleyballs, 4 basketballs, 3 soccer balls, and 2 rugby balls. The inaugural basket in the newly renovated gym was scored by the Broccolini team, marking a memorable milestone in the project's timeline.

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7272 Sherbrooke O, Montreal, Québec

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Building Area:

37,000 sq.ft.