Aero Toy Store

Aero Toy Store required an expansion of their Dorval facility in order to maintain the scope of their services. A world leader in aeronautics, the company specializes in the sale and refurbishment of small luxury jet airplanes. Broccolini was mandated to expand Aero Toy Store's building near the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau Airport (Ryan Avenue). The building, made of brick, metal cladding and concrete, consisted of three (3) sections to be expanded: the aircraft hangar, the production workshop, and the administrative offices. The majority of the building is occupied by the hangar (one full-height floor), with the rest divided over two (2) floors: the workshop on the ground floor and the offices above. The implementation of this mandate represented a challenge for Broccolini in terms of ventilation, fire safety compliance, and customized components. The workshop required a complex ventilation system due to the products used there (paints, glues, etc.). The hangar section was equipped with sprinklers strong enough to fight aircraft fires and a huge, custom-designed door (27 ft. x 105 ft., in six sections). For this expansion, the design was based on a clean, contemporary look. The showroom, which opens directly onto the tarmac, is bright white and all the materials used combine to create the impression of luxury and prestige, reflecting the company's image and services. Undertaken by Broccolini in August 2007, the expansion of Aero Toy Stores highly specialized infrastructures were completed on time, on June 30, 2008.

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9501 Avenue Ryan, Dorval, Québec

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Building Area:

82,000 sq.ft.