Marlborough Mall

Constructed in 1971, the Marlborough Mall has been renovated a number of times and modified to host some 100 retailers. Broccolini and real estate management company, 20Vic, have been working in collaboration to develop spaces for shopping centres since 2007. After collaborating on major projects like the Quartier Laval (Quebec) and Lansdowne Place (Ontario), they undertook the expansion and refurbishment of a section of the Marlborough Mall in Alberta. 20Vic turned to Broccolini for the job because of its expertise in the field and the strong relationship of confidence they had established together over the years. The work started in mid-May 2010 and was carried out in three phases: the construction of a loading dock area, a 10,000-sq.ft. expansion of the current building, and the demolition and refurbishment of the space formerly occupied by Shopper's Drug Mart (2,500 sq. ft.) to better adapt it to the needs of three (3) new tenants. Broccolini built the new section's exterior, composed of masonry and an exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFF) similar in appearance to stucco. One of the challenges of the mandate consisted in making the old structures from the 70s functional (standardization, decontamination, etc.). Moreover, the pharmacy remained open throughout the duration of the project, a challenge for Broccolini, who had to make sure the occupied space remained functional and safe. The entire project was completed in December 2010.

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433 Marlborough Way N.E., Calgary, Alberta

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10,000 sq.ft.