Schlüter-Systems has been in North America since 1986. The German company specializes in accessories and technical solutions for floor tile installation. In 2008, they commissioned Broccolini to build their Canadian head office in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. Schlüter contracted Broccolini due to its extensive portfolio of LEED certified projects. LEED certification recognizes building projects that show a commitment towards sustainability.

Occupying a surface area of 60,000 sq.ft., the 3-storey building houses a vast office area of approximately 30,000 sq.ft., as well as a training centre. The building's exterior design prioritizes natural green spaces and minimizes alterations of the surrounding environment. The parking area features an underground section as well as a bicycle storage area.

The exterior envelope consists of granite tiles from Quebec, masonry and metal cladding. The roof is energy efficient and the windows are arranged in order to maximize the admittance of natural light on all four sides of the building. This design allows for maximum warmth in the winter, and shade screens help maintain the coolness in the summer.

The building's interior includes glass partitions, radiant floors and a large atrium in which is installed a vegetation wall to help improve air quality, filter the recycled rainwater which supplies the toilets, and to humidify the entire building. The project also includes 20 geothermal shafts measuring 450 to 500 feet, a complex ventilation system, and solar panels supplying heat for the hot water tanks.

Schlüter's new head office meets the US Green Building Council for the LEED program. The certification process required testing at every stage of the building process. The project represented a challenge due to its technical complexity and frequent testing. Construction began in November 2008 and continued until July 2009.

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21100 Chemin Sainte-Marie, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec

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60,000 sq.ft.