Alexander D'Arienzo


With a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and CPA certification, Alexander brings over seven years of diverse professional experience to the table. Beginning his career in audit and transaction advisory services at KPMG, he developed a strong foundation in financial analysis and risk assessment. Transitioning to the investment team at Broccolini, he further refined his skills by underwriting projects and leading financial planning initiatives, demonstrating an adaptability and expertise in various financial domains.

Alexander prioritizes integrity, accountability, and effective communication in all aspects of work. His journey reflects a commitment to continual growth and a passion for making a meaningful impact through financial acumen and leadership.

Alexander is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedication to fostering a culture of integrity and accountability in every project he undertakes. His journey from audit to investment has equipped him with an understanding of financial operations, allowing him to thrive in dynamic and challenging environments. By leveraging his expertise and passion, he is committed to driving continual growth and success, both for himself and the teams he works with, ensuring that every endeavor is marked by impactful contributions and positive outcomes.

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