David Ieroncig


David Ieroncig earned his Bachelor's degree in Building Engineering from Concordia University in 1988. During his nearly 30 years in the industry since, he has served in a number of roles, notably as a field engineer, project coordinator, project manager, senior director and Vice-President. That breadth of experience has given David an appreciation for all aspects of the construction cycle, from planning to procurement to delivery. David came on board at Broccolini in 1996. Over the years, countless projects have flowed through his hands and he continually draws on his vast experience and lessons learned in order to ensure each new project is a success. As Broccolini's V.P. Construction, David leads the group that conceptualizes projects, evaluates the client's requirements and assembles the project team. When a client engages Broccolini, David is one of the first people that they meet. Time and time again, he has proven himself a steadfast customer advocate, always looking after their interests first and foremost. David is driven by a desire to innovate, to source out new solutions and to challenge the status quo when it no longer makes sense for a project or for a client's needs.

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