Emilio Minotti


Emilio Minotti has been a key member of Broccolini's management team for over 15 years. Prior to coming on board at Broccolini, he served as Controller for a high-profile fashion brand where he was charged with managing the company's financials. In this position, he also gained valuable experience in negotiating real-estate contracts and leases as a commercial tenant. Emilio integrated the Broccolini team during the company's early stages and was paramount to its growth and success, having, over the years, led the Accounting, Finance, Human Resources and IT departments. This diverse experience, combined with his background in both the commercial and construction industries, has helped Emilio develop into a versatile, effective leader and a resourceful problem-solver. Emilio holds a Bachelor's of Commerce degree from Concordia University and is a certified CPA and CGA. He excels in financial analysis, financial statement analysis, model creation, in the creation of internal controls for costing and in taxation. His relationships with various financial institutions, accountants, and legal firms ensures he always has key resources at his fingertips and, with over 25 years of valuable experience, Emilio is a proven asset to the Broccolini team.

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