Nick Iwanowski


Nick Iwanowski has worked in construction for over 35 years. He has spent more than 25 of those years with Broccolini, making him one of the firm's most seasoned employees and one of the company's most valuable resources. During his tenure as President of Construction, Nick oversaw the management of the construction departments of Broccolini's three offices in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Over the years, Nick has also been instrumental in helping set the vision for the company and in defining the tempo at which it expands. Thanks to his extensive experience and in-depth understanding of construction, Nick has the ability to boil complex problems down to their simplest elements. This, combined with his enthusiasm and optimism also make him a trusted and respected mentor who is helping to mold the future leaders of the company in the Broccolini Way. Nick earned his Bachelors in Building Engineering from McGill University in 1981. He served as President of the Association Patronale des Entrepreneurs en Construction du Quebec (APECQ) (2008 – 2010), sits on the board of Ingénieurs Sans Frontières Québec (ISFQ) and is a member of the City of Dorval Advisory Committee on Urban Planning.

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