Phil Brennen


Everything Phil Brennen does is about building relationships. As the Associate Vice-President, Real-Estate Development for Broccolini’s Toronto office, he’s tasked with looking for the next great project. That means he’s on the front lines working with prospective clients, partners and financiers to bring projects from initial concept to completion. It’s not always easy work; every deal that Phil arranges is unique and must balance a multitude of interests. Phil is good at what he does, and he keeps a guiding philosophy firmly in mind at all times. “A good deal occurs when all parties get something out of the arrangement,” he says. “A deal isn’t on a solid foundation if someone is getting less out of it than they are putting in, or when a relationship doesn’t have an element of balance. I think about that always. It’s important to me to know that our clients and partners will want to do business with us again and again.” Phil speaks with the experience of someone who has spent many years in the real-estate industry. In fact, his background is even more diverse. A licensed professional engineer, he has spent time with national construction and development companies, working on projects across Canada. He learned the real-estate business early and now firmly welcomes the challenge of building great relationships and great buildings for Broccolini in the Greater Toronto Area.

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