Canadian Tire Distribution Centre

Understanding the importance of efficient distribution facilities and processes when it comes to serving the needs of its customers, Canadian Tire continues to invest in its distribution network across the country. After completing the construction of a distribution centre for Canadian Tire in Quebec in 2009, Broccolini was proud to take on the construction management services for a second distribution centre located in Bolton, Ontario.

Like the Quebec distribution centre, the Ontario distribution centre houses state-of-the-art automated material handling equipment and systems. The Bolton project consisted of the construction of the warehouse and the auxiliary buildings.

The challenges to overcome during the execution of the project included, among others, the necessary revision of the height of the doors. As the existing height of 10 ft. was insufficient to accommodate the Canadian Tire supply chain, all prefabricated exterior walls were cut to obtain a height of 11 ft., therefore responding to a need for a ground level door which allows trucks to circulate inside (drive-in). The immediate concern was to ensure to close the building before the winter 2015, as well as the installation of walkways required for the logistics chain in 2015.

The expected delivery date for part A of the main building was November 2016, in order to ensure that MHE Fortna could begin the installation of racks and conveyors, while construction continued on parts B and C, in addition to the work in progress on part A.

The project began in July 2014 and was completed in 2017.

Broccolini's ability to continuously prioritize on safety, value, collaboration, schedule and phasing, has allowed us to strengthen and maintain a business relationship with Canadian Tire that dates back some 20 years.

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13304 Coleraine Drive, Bolton, Ontario

Completion Date:


Building Area:

1,500,000 sq.ft.