Erin Mills Town Centre

The Erin Mills Town Centre shopping mall announced a significant investment in renovations in celebration of their 25th anniversary. A major component of the renovation featured the replacement of the clock tower by an iconic massive glass sphere.

Mandated by 20Vic Management Inc., Broccolini was proud to renovate and expand the prestigious Erin Mills Town Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Recognized as a destination mall, the 130,000-sq.ft. centre underwent an extensive makeover. In addition to the renovations, Broccolini built 25,000 sq. ft. of new shopping areas, including a food court with gourmet restaurants on the 2nd floor.

In the new section, a gigantic sphere made of double curved glass, 90 feet in diameter, suspends from the ceiling and highlights the central courtyard. Erin Mills Town Centre remained in operation during the construction. Broccolini took all the necessary measures to preserve the shopping experience of the customers visiting the mall.

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5100 Erin Mills Parkway, Mississauga, Ontario

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Building Area:

155,000 sq.ft.