Everest Cold Storage

Everest Cold Storage is a private company that specializes in refrigerated warehouses. The company offers its customers full logistical support, import/export facilities and dedicated distribution support and management systems. Over the years, Broccolini acquired a lot of experience in the construction of refrigerated warehouses. And so, in 2008, Everest’s executives entrusted Broccolini with the construction of its new facility in Dorval – a large refrigerated warehouse with a free height of almost 45 feet.

This facility consists of a 65 ft-high refrigerated warehouse (75,000 sq.ft.), a refrigerated loading dock (15,000 sq.ft.) and a section that includes offices and a mechanical equipment room (5,000 sq.ft.). The refrigerated storage facility provides space for 4,500,000 ft3 and 14,900 pallets. The building’s temperature varies between -28 °C and 6 °C (-18 °F and 43 °F). The office is on the main floor, with a 2,500-sq.ft. mezzanine and a board room.

The main challenge of a project such as this one is the insulation. To ensure the building’s energy efficiency, several inches of insulation panels had to be installed, six inches for the walls and ten inches for the roof. The exterior envelope of the warehouse is metal cladding. The loading dock and the office space are precast concrete. This project began in June 2008 and was completed in March 2009. As early as mid-December 2008, the warehouse was ready to receive the pallet cradles, which were laid out to cover the full height of this section and accessible by a complex system of lift machinery.

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10000 Rue Ryan, Dorval, Québec

Completion Date:


Building Area:

95,000 sq.ft.