Sunlife Multi-Tenant Warehouse

This was Broccolini's second project for the Sunlife Financial Group. Recipient of LEED certification, this building is located in the industrial sector of one of Montreal's largest boroughs with proximity to major thoroughfares and the airport. The project consisted of building a turn-key, base building for multi-tenant warehousing in St-Laurent's industrial sector.

Due to the unknown number of tenants, interior finishes, partition walls and exit corridors may be added to the scope of work as spaces are rented (unit costs will apply to this work).

The main challenges for this project included working in winter conditions, and construction subject to height restrictions especially with respect to the use of cranes due to the proximity of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport. Broccolini was also responsible for coordinating the use of the cranes with the airport authorities.

Furthermore, the adjacent building houses a company whose operations depended on access to the loading dock accessible via the common parking lot. Any work likely to impede access to the parking lot had to be coordinated with them in advance.

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4305 Griffth, Saint-Laurent, Québec

Completion Date:


Building Area:

216,000 sq.ft.