Broccolini welcomes Merck Canada’s headquarters to a new multi-tenant complex in Kirkland

Broccolini welcomes Merck Canada’s headquarters to a new multi-tenant complex in Kirkland

BROCCOLINI announced today the development and construction of a new multi-tenant complex accommodating up to 300,000 sq. ft. to be located directly on the TransCanada Highway in Kirkland.

The development project, which is valued at $75 million, includes the renovation of an existing office building as well as the construction of a new building. MERCK CANADA will be the lead tenant of the new complex and will occupy approximately 170,000 sq. ft. Once completed at the end of 2013, the new complex will encompass from 200,000 to 300,000 sq. ft. depending on the number of storeys built. The new structure has been designed to accommodate from 5 to 8 storeys.

"We are honored that MERCK CANADA has chosen to relocate to one of our buildings. This is the result of a close collaboration that has allowed Broccolini meet the needs of Merck Canada by offering a complex of this magnitude. We are also proud to contribute to the economic development of the city of Kirkland, where we have built several buildings already, including Broccolini Headquarters," said Mr. Roger Plamondon, Vice-President, BROCCOLINI.

MERCK CANADA employees, and future tenants, will enjoy exclusive access to state of the art office and common areas. In addition to the rejuvenation of the existing office spaces, tenants will also benefit from a brand new workspace. The two sections, which will form the new complex, will be joined by an atrium. The workplace will be enhanced by a full-service cafeteria, gym (featuring ultra modern equipment and massotherapy rooms), and indoor parking. A large, windowed façade will maximize natural light and increase employee productivity. Particular attention will be made to the outdoor spaces and landscaping.

The new building will achieve LEED Silver certification, adhering to the highest environmental standards. The heating and ventilation systems will allow for a greater level of energy efficiency. The project will also qualify for a tax rebate program. Together, these benefits translate to greater cost savings to the tenants for the operational costs of the complex.

Not only will the tenants benefit from new modern spaces and substantial cost savings, but they will also gain highway visibility along the TransCanada, one of the busiest highways in Montreal. The complex will enjoy a prime location, close to shops, businesses, schools and health services. The property is accessible by principal arterial and local roads, public transit and is in close proximity to the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport, a short 10 m