Les Spécialités Dorelin

Design and construction project for a new meat processing plant for Les Spécialités Dorelin; a new company formed by Charcuterie Père Antoine and Viau Foods. Following the success of a previous meat processing plant completed by Broccolini, Dorelin turned to Broccolini for the design and construction of their new meat processing factory in Laval. Approved by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), this 42,000 sq.ft. facility consists of highly compartmentalized meat processing spaces on the ground floor and specially designed drying/curing rooms on the second floor. All the refrigeration systems and mechanical components are entirely proprietary to the specialty meat products they are known for. Dorelin's desire to maintain the high-quality standards of their specialty products, while also satisfying an increasingly strong demand, was achieved within this facility which was specially designed to meet their needs. Valued at $6M, the project was initiated in May 2006 and delivered in January 2007.

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4025 Boulevard Lite, Laval, Québec

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42,000 sq.ft.