Quartier Evolution Launched Broccolini and Magil Laurentienne to redevelop Merck campus

Quartier Evolution Launched Broccolini and Magil Laurentienne to redevelop Merck campus

Broccolini Construction and Magil Laurentienne announced today that they will begin redevelopment of pharmaceutical research and office facilities currently occupied by Merck on the Trans-Canada Highway in Kirkland. The new development is to be known as Quartier Evolution.

According to Broccolini Senior Vice President, Paul Broccolini, tenants who will occupy the repurposed facilities will profit from a campus built to the very highest specifications, at a cost that could not be replicated in a new facility.

"These are facilities with 100% redundant systems including power and fibre-optic cabling, potential for 100% fresh air distribution, two 25-megawatt electrical systems, back up generators and more," Broccolini says. "In addition, we are purchasing this campus with some incredible A/V equipment and furniture included and available for new tenants."

Magil Laurentienne CEO Gary Polachek is visibly excited about the prospects for the campus and its abilities to create a new commercial real estate destination for business on the West Island. "If the old maxim for real estate was location, location, location, today's guiding principle, in an era of rapid change is location, infrastructure and flexibility. This campus, which we have renamed Quartier Évolution, scores incredibly well in all three categories."

Tech, office and manufacturing space available

With 350 thousand square feet of office space and data centre space in several free-standing and connected buildings, 300 thousand square feet of research space and another 400 thousand of assembly or light manufacturing and warehousing, the facility can easily accommodate the needs of multiple new tenants looking for any of these kinds of space, or offers a very unique consolidation opportunity.

100 thousand square feet of plug and play space available

Because the former Merck buildings were built in phases over the years on an as-needed basis, there are also significant opportunities for corporate identity along the Trans-Canada even for office tenants looking for between 20 thousand and 50 thousand square feet in their own stand-alone, single tenant buildings. In total there are currently seven buildings from 20 thousand to 150 thousand square feet each.

The existing campus infrastructure is not the only feature defining the advantages of the location. The site itself provides many benefits including but not limited to visibility along the T-Can. The address is well serviced by public transportation. It is 10 to 15 minutes or less from the airport and close to the bus terminal that will take you to the Cote Vertu Metro Station. The Fairview Pointe Claire shopping centre less than a kilometer away anchors the retail neighbourhood and is the focal point for a complete range of restaurants, cafés and fast food, services and retailers. The site is in close proximity to the Kirkland bike path and Civic Centre. A number of hotels are located nearby to accommodate out-of-town visitors. Downtown Montreal is a half-hour east and Ottawa 90 minutes west by car. The site is both divisible and can accommodate expansion or consolidation over time. Plus the site can accommodate parking for some three thousand to four thousand cars at one time. In short, this site represents one of the top live, work, shop and play locations for large office users on the island of Montreal.

New tenants will be able to occupy the former Merck campus in the first quarter of 2014.